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Totally reconstructed ski lifts 'Jezerine' and 'Kljuc', chairlifts 'Cupovi' as well as the new six seated chair lift ' Vilina Voda' , which stands for the most modern facility in Montenegro, provides the capacity of the skiing area of 5500 skiers per hour.

Ski Resort Kolasin 1450,features 16,5 kilometres of ski slopes and groomed trails that are maintained by the latest industry standards. The trails are classified and labeled as easy,intermediate and difficult which means that we have something for everyone, beginners, experienced skiers and snowboarders.

In the unique mountain ambience of our restaurant you can be served  by healthy and delicious food by which Montenegro is famous for. There's no greater pleasure than heat of the fire crackling in the fireplace in the natural enviroment of pine wood and stone,supplemented with mulled wine and domestic Montenegrin specialties.

Whether this is your first time skiing or you want to improve your skills, our ski resort have professional instructors with international licenses, for you. They will direct you and show you all the secrets of amazing and incredible scenary.

In order to comfort our visotors and please their needs, there are over 400 top quality skies and snowboard sets for renting, which quarantee first of all safety and then good fun on the snow. Professionals,amateurs as well as those who learn their first skiing steps, will get just what they want. The all equipment is maintained by the most advanced machines at the highest standards.

The most advanced servicing machines for ski equipment, ensure equipment rental to be prepared for the use to the highest standards. That we are truly comitted to the winter sports lovers confirms the possession of the most modern servicing machines for ski equipment ,which are available for all visitors at our ski resort.

After skiing, you can leave your ski equipment in the special depot, where your ski boots will be dried up and disinfected,and ready for a new day on the snow.

Ski doo safari is one of the most interesting products we offer. There are numerous possibilities for this kind of an arrangement,it depends on our guests' wishes. It includes tours through the magnificant places in the vicinity of the ski center, driving across  the eco village Vranjak, over the top of the National park , that will give you the view of the only preserved rainforest in Europe, ' Biogadska Gora ' and driving to the highest peaks of the mountain Bjelasica, Troglava, Zekova glava and Crna Glava,at a height of over 2000 metres above sea level,where you will enjoy the scenary of the five beatiful mountain lakes. Ski doo safari will make your adventure one of the most interesting ever.

The summer season offers plenty of possibilities for an active spent vacation. Tours through the canyons of the rivers Tara and Moraca, walks to the beautiful crystal clear glacier lakes or through the National park 'Biogradska gora', where magicaly sparkls famous 'Biogradsko lake, enjoyment in the panoramic chair lifts ride,as well as the quard tours across the mountain,are just some of the offers our ski resort gives.